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This podcast looks at the motivations for Do It Yourself activities, with a special emphasis on the group forming inherent in DIY culture. I visit a hacker collective, a collaborative class, and talk to some people who made something previously handed by the authorities a DIY project.

‘Do It Yourself?’ Direct Download

NYC Resistor
Brooklyn Brainery

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Jack Jeffrey – Build It Up
Aaron – Build Me Up

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This podcast reports on the experience of attending the Brooklyn Come Out and Play Festival in June 2010.

Come Out and Play

Subjects in order of appearance:

Come Out and Play
Andy Nealen – Hemisphere Games
Humans vs. Zombies
Patsy Brel
Necropolis Family Tree
Time Traveler’s KnifeAndy Ashcraft
Cross My Heart + Hope to Die


Nullsleep – Mellophe

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rutgermuller was able to provide some running noises.
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Robinhood76 took a walk in a graveyard.
kathol is very familiar with the moans and groans of zombies.

This podcast explores the intersections of technology and art. We visit New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program‘s Winter Show last December, and talk to working artist Federico Muelas about new media.

Art Meet Tech


Sofy Yuditskaya – Mental Block
Heidi Frank – Scores Illustrated
Michelle Mayer – Tuning Grove
Alejandro Crawford – Vonome
Zoe Fraade Blanar – Current
Craig Kapp – The Whisper Deck
Dharmarajan Ayakkad – Seacrits in a Box
Alex Kauffmann – Scratch + Sniff

Federico Muelas

Nullsleep – Ballistic Picnic

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This is a podcast exploring the blip festival and the chiptune scene. I talk to the organizers, spectators and artists at Blip ’09.

WordPress seems to be choking on this file so just click the link below as a download or to have it open in a player in your browser.

Bleeps and Bloops


Peter Swimm – True Chip Till Death
Chromix – Tom McClean
tenfold – Paul Herbig
Outpt – Mary Ann Benedetto

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Bubblyfish – Sleigh Ride – live Blip ’09
Seal of Quality – Hash Pipe (off the Pterodactyl Squad Weezer album)
Bit Shifter – Reformat the Planet
Glomag and Les Glomaggettes – Ca Plane Pour Moi
Psilodump – Konf
Nullsleep – My Thin Skin
Nullsleep – Frisbee Friendz
J. Arthur Keenes Band – live at Blip ’09
Minus Baby – live at Blip ’09
Chromix – Your Love is like a Hadouken to the Face.
Chromix – To the Floor
Tenfold – The Tragedy of Constant
Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel
Tenfold – Wagon Wheel
Chromix – Counting Coins in My Basement

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Bloodshedder – connect.wav

Investigating the wide, wild, woolly world of online communities.

Direct Download: User Communities


Ben Nesson
Tom Zarecki
Laura Nesson
Susie Stalker

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End of Time – Nimibear

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This podcast is about the romance between art and science. Enjoy.

Download Here.

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This is an updated version of the Twitter podcast. Summary: A podcast about (hopefully) the more cerebral elements of Twitterland.

Download here – Twitter: Rebroadcast

So as I was attempting to edit this podcast that I had originally started in early June, Iran went nuts. Twitter, or rather as Clay Shirky so aptly declares, new social tools have been one of the stories that’s been talked about in relation to the turmoil that is currently occurring. Here’s some of the stuff that I’ve been looking at as I’ve tried figure out what angle to look at this from. (Along with a bunch of youtube protestor videos.)

Everything in this MeFi post

The discussion in this post as well is pretty good.

Not every one who uses new technology is a good guy. (Or in other words the Jersey Devil can lick hands, too.)

A dissenting opinion, Twitter is not a cyber-utopia. His What Revolution? post deflates the Twitter hype balloon. Something along the lines of This is not the grand arena he is not the plucky hero. Nothing is what it seems.

Clay Shirky’s feelings before the Upgrade talk in my podcast. His talk in my podcast seems to show him less excited and a little more reflective and cautious.

Hey remember CNN?

Original Sources in order of appearance (i.e. the people I stole those audio clips from):
Jordan, Jesse Go! Episode 95
CBS news story of Twitter from 2007
Clay Shirky authors@google talk.

Clay Shirky’s Twitter talk was at this venue:

Penny Arcade Twitter Thoughts-Scroll down to last news post for podcast link.
Merlin Mann and John Gruber’s SxSw Talk
Brooke Gladstone from On the Media speaks with Sasha Frere-Jones
Amanda Palmer on Twitter Part 1
Amanda Palmer on Twitter Part 2
Amanda Palmer sings I google you.
Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 63

I actually highly recommend Amanda Palmer’s full interview on Twitter, it’s interesting to see what the service looks like when 30,000 people are following you, but it wasn’t where I wanted to go with the podcast.

Main Sites:
Maximum Fun: Home of Jordan, Jesse, Go!
Clay Shirky’s Internet Writings
Penny Arcade: Purveyors of fine webcomics
43folders Productivity Buddhism and Poop Jokes
On the Media
Amanda Palmer

Twitter ids from my “contributors”:

Jordan Morris: Jordan_Morris
Jesse Thorn: youngamerican
Clay Shirky: cshirky
Mike Krahulik “Gabe”: cwgabriel
Merlin Mann: hotdogsladies
Sasha Frere-Jones: sashafrerejones
Amanda Palmer: amandapalmer

Update: I’ve sought out permissions from my “contributers” I will remove any content that I do not obtain permissions for.

Have permissions:
Clay Shirky
Jesse Thorn
Not An Alternative NYC

Waiting to hear:
On The Media
Amanda Palmer
Penny Arcade
Merlin Mann

So I was real hesitant to release this given the hype and the probably paid-for firestorm of content appearing around Twitter and Iran, but I did my best to present the most nuanced view I could find of that particular situation.

So, basic stuff: this is a podcast about Twitter, but not in a dumb way. For reals, yo.

*Note I have removed this old version of the cast, but an updated version is available.